Table and standing vacuum packaging machine

You can now choose among more than 10 models to find the perfect size, dimension and power of your most suitable vacuum packaging machine for your valued business. Besser Vacuum enlarges its offer to table top, free-standing and double vacuum chambers. Appealing Italian design and first-class technical components will grant you reliability, life-long resistance and a 100% safe product, wholly manufactured in respect of green economy and in compliance with social responsibility.


Quick and simple vacuum with Easy line

The Easy range allows to obtain a quality vacuum with few simple steps. Thanks to the management of a single vacuum and welding program it is possible to set each time the desired parameters.


Pro Industrial line

The new Besser Vacuum free standing vacuum chambers are designed to fully meet the needs of those who have to package foods in large quantities, thanks to the structure in massive and stable stainless steel, the variety of programs, the packaging options and a semplified use.


PRO line

Professional chambers range, developed in collaboration with renowned chefs and experts in the food sector, provides the operator with advanced technological capabilities and simplified storage processes.


Basic line. Maximum ease of use and maintenance

With the "Basic" line you choose to only have the basic functions to obtain professional vacuum. With two simple steps, you decide when manually start the vacuum cycle and when to interrupt.