North America certified professional
vacuum machines for Ho.Re.Ca. sector,
food and packaging industry

A worldwide expertise

Besser Vacuum enhances the same values of quality and artisan handmade art, where the company was funded on. The company has invested a lot throughout the past years, investing both in the opening of new markets and international certifications.

Functional and ergonomic machines meeting your needs

By taking part to international shows and events, being present worldwide, allows Besser Vacuum to study the market and the needs of its clients, by forecasting in advance the new trends of this sector.

EC LAB tested machinery

Besser Vacuum devoted years of research and development to create a wide range of machines able to meet the needs of the professional sector: entirely made in Italy equipment, highly performant and reliable, produced with high quality components and original design.

Besser Vacuum has focused its business in America

The American market has always represented a significant opportunity to the company, which started its joint venture in Quéretaro to expand throughout the whole Continent. Starting from the Latin American countries, Besser Vacuum quickly developed a wide net spreading from Brazil and Peru to Mexico and Colombia. 100% made in Italy chamber vacuum packaging machines and bags – both for packaging and cooking – are a great innovation for those countries who often only rely on local products who do not feature the same characteristics and  properties.


Considered the positive feedback received since the last first months of its business in Latin America, Besser Vacuum immediately decided to invest a significant amount of research & development, technology and financial resources to obtain the ETL and ETL Sanitation certifications, in order to penetrate the US market as well.

In less than a couple of years, with the whole range of its products already distributed and supplied in Central and South America, Besser Vacuum has been able to receive the license to sell its machines to the US as well. US countries and Canada are therefore the current greatest market for the Italian company, who can now distribute its machines to the local packaging industry, the sector and the food industry.

Beyond CE certifications, Besser Vacuum can now boast the ETL and ETL Sanitation ones, which contribute to make the Italian brand one of the most renowned among all manufacturers worldwide.  From Australia to Dubai, from Johannesburg to Berlin, Besser Vacuum is now spreading its large business to the West World, having been granted the prestigious ETL and ETL Sanitation certifications to penetrate the US and Canadian markets.


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