Vacuum packaging and sous vide cooking with Thermo-circulator VACOOK ™

Health Advantages→

Stop bacteria

Ingredients preserved into the Vac&Cook bags

healthy cooking
without fat

Food Advantages →

Stronger enhancing of flavours

Respect of the organoleptic characteristics of food

Stop to
the evaporation

Advantages for your business →

More portions served, higher margins

Sous vide cooking advantages

Sous-vide cooking is an innovative technique becoming more and more popular worldwide to cook healthy food, by preserving its nourishing properties and enhancing savour and tastes of each kind of food.

Properly sealed in the cooking Vac&Cook bags by Besser Vacuum, all ingredients are safely protected from bacteria and viruses, as vacuum preserved. The bacteria proliferation is totally avoided 100% just after cooking at certain defined temperatures, that must be kept and maintened for a determined period of time.

Thanks to the thermo-circulator Vacook™ by Besser Vacuum it is now possible to set temperature at tenth of degree, in order to obtain the most precise cooking setting as possible and even reach 12 hours of continuing cooking.

Food properly sealed in the cooking Vac&Cook bags won’t lose any gram of weight because there is no evaporation with the sous-vide technique, allowing you to serve a larger number of portions, satisfy more clients and grant the right richness and taste of healthy delicious recipes.

Moreover the Eco function grants a meaningful energetic saving, coherent with the health&green philsophy of all Besser Vacuum products.

Sous-vide cooking allows food not to be stressed by the temperature shock and to slowly melt down fats that might be contined inside, while enhancing flavours and aromas of every single ingredient. It is therefore a healthy safe cooking, in full compliance of the highest hygienic rules, as food is perfectly sealed inside the cooking bags Besser Vacuum.

As scientifically tested to resist between 0°C a +110°C, Vac&Cook cooking bags allow to cook without problems, respecting sous-vide technique, that does not need to reach 100°C temperature.

Con l’innovativo termo-circolatore Vacook® testerete una nuova frontiera della cucina moderna, esplorando sapori che mai avevate provato prima e gustando un cibo sano, di qualità e ricco di aromi. La carne così tenera e le salse cremose  e delicate saranno il risultato green&healthy della vostra innovativa cucina sottovuoto con Vacook™!

Thanks to the innovative thermo-circulator Vacook™ you will test a new border of the modern cooking, exploring special savours never tested before, by tasting a healthy food, rich in quality and aromas. A much more tender meat, creamy and delicate sauces will be the green&healthy result of your innovative sous-vide cooking with Vacook™!

Sous vide cooking times and temperatures

SOUS-VIDE: COOKING TIMES & TEMPERATURES Thickness (cm) min °C min time  max time 
Tender cuts: Tenderloin, T-bone, Rib-eye, Chops 2 56.5 1 hr 4 hrs
Tender cuts: Tenderloin, T-bone, Rib-eye, Chops 5 56.5 3 hrs 6 hrs
Tenderloin 4 56.5 90 min 6-8 hrs
Chops 2 56.5 4-6 hrs 8-10 hrs
Roast 7 71-80 12 hrs 30 hrs
Spare Ribs 7 71-80 12 hrs 30 hrs
Belly 5 85 5 hrs 8 hrs
Chicken breast (bone in) 5 63.5 2.5 hrs 4-6 hrs
Chicken breast (boneless) 2.5 63.5 1 hrs 2-4 hrs
Turkey breast (bone in) 7 63.5 4 hrs 6-8 hrs
Turkey breast (boneless) 5 63.5 2.5 hrs 4-6 hrs
Duck breast 2.5 63.5 90 min 4-6 hrs
Tuna, Halibut, Salmon, Trout 1.25-2.5 52 20 min 30 min
Tuna, Halibut, Salmon, Trout 2.5-5 52 30 min 40 min
Lobster 2.5 60 45 min 1 hr
Scallops 2.5 60 40 min 1 hr
Shrimp jumbo 60 30 min 40 min
Carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips up to 2 84 1-2 hrs 4 hrs
Asparagus, Broccoli, Eggplant, Cauliflower, Onions, Fennels, Fresh Peas up to 2.5 84 30 min 1.5 hrs
Apple, Pear up to 2.5 84 45 min 2 hrs
Peach, Apricot, Mango, Plum, Berries, Papaya up to 2.5 84 30 min 1 hr

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