Sous vide cooking machines, thermo-circulator VACOOK™

Besser Vacuum manufactures and distributes a wide range of equipment designed for both professional and domestic sector. In addition to the range of vacuum packaging machines and vacuum bags, Besser Vacuum also produces equipment for sous-vide cooking. The embossed and smooth vacuum bags for cooking, able to resist temperatures between 0 ° C and + 110 ° C are now joined by the practical and ergonomic thermo-circulator Vacook.

Sous-vide cooking is becoming always more popular among worldwide cooking techniques and Besser Vacuum R&D department is continuously up-to-date to offer the best product at every stage of modern cuisine. The innovative Vacook™ is now equipped with a probe to test temperature of food directly inside the bag, while a kit of inert spheres will avoid the evaporation of water during the long process of sous-vide cooking. By granting safe and healthy  food, Besser Vacuum stops bacteria proliferation thanks to its functional and ergonomic Vac&Cook cooking bags to be matched together with its innovative Vacook.

You too can choose the healthy and balanced cuisine, discover all the advantages of vacuum cooking , and choose Vacook ™ by Besser Vacuum.



The products of the "sous-vide" range are the result of a close collaboration with renowned chefs, attentive to the use of innovative technologies in catering. Now any professional restaurant business can give up cooking and regenerate at low temperature, because this technique optimizes the preparation of food and enhances the organoleptic properties of food.


Thermostatic bath

This water bath is the equipment with which it will be possible to regenerate various dishes at the same time without mixing flavors preserved inside the vacuum bags. The food cooking proceeds in total autonomy, in absence of water the machine stops automatically and a drain tap with safety valve allows to manage the level of water inside the tank.