Professional equipment for the sector cutlery and glass polishers, cleaning tanks and brunisseuses

Besser Vacuum has always been careful about new trends and innovations in the professional kitchen industry and therefore the company has widened its prodution to the cleaning and washing process machines during the past few years.

Cutlery polishers are feather in the company cap, today available in three different versions, able to meet the needs of each client. By using only the vegetable corn powder and granting the total cleaning of cutlery without scratching – even silverware – Speedy cutlery polishers by Besser Vacuum follow the health&green policy of the company that only promotes green products at low environment impact.

Speedy cutlery polishers can polish up to 12,000.00 cutlery per hour, allowing every restaurant manager to meaningfully save in terms of personnel staff and time, thanks to such safe, innovative and high quality product.

During the past few years, Besser Vacuum has developed a further range of cleaning machines, inclusive of technologically advanced glass polishers, in order to grant a safe and bright shining. Wine or sparkling wine glasses won’t be a waste of time any longer for the kitchens worldwide: thanks to Besser Vacuum glass polishers it is now possible to obtain shining glasses on the tables of all over the world.

Dirty fat on grills, griddles and hoods or any other spots hard to clean won’t be a problem any longer thanks to the innovative range of cleaning tanks. A thoroughly cleaning of the dirtiest crockery is now available for all restaurants, hotels or canteens, thanks to BV practical cleaning tanks.

Besser Vacuum: a whole range available for the professional kitchen industry. Either vacuum packaging or tray sealing, both sous-vide cooking and cleaning equipment, Besser Vacuum meets the single needs of nowadays pretending market.

Professional polishers and cleaning tanks for the sector