Besser Vacuum at Host Milan 2015


Like every year since long time, Besser Vacuum was honoured to exhibit at the worldwide famous show Host in Milan taking place from 23 to 27, October 2015.

Always up-to-date to the newest trends of the professional kitchen industry, Besser Vacuum took advantage of the show to present its latest news on the machines. The company has just released the very new thermo-circulator Vacook, featuring a professional probe to check temperature of food inside the bag, allowing chefs to monitor closely the sous-vide cooking process. Thanks to its long lasting cooperation with Congusto Gourmet Institute in Milan, Besser Vacuum could present its new Vacook with daily live demos held by professional chefs who prepared appealing dishes throughout the show.

Another technical improvement of the company was carried out with reference to vacuum chambers machines which will be now equipped with the marination option which allows chefs to cook delicious and tasty recipes with premium sauces. BV vacuum packers are now available full options featuring the soft vacuum programs, the gas implant, the printer kit and the additional pipe to vacuum in GN pans directly. The new marination option is the very last technological features that makes BV vacuum machines turn to be leader in this market sector.

The further option of vacuum sensor adds more preciseness and professionalism to such products, to meet the needs of an always demanding market.

Besser Vacuum confirms its success at Host exhibition as main sponsor of Identita’ Future: two live demos featuring Eos vacuum chamber were attended by hundred people following the trendy seminars of the famous culinary organisation.

Host Milano & Besser Vacuum: a successful combination beyond borders!