Discover the vacuum pouches and bags

Enter in the Besser vacuum world, the Italian brand of vacuum!

Today you can preserve and cook the foodstuffs under vacuum in an easy, practical and advantageous way.

Besser Vacuum, Italian company in Dignano (Udine) leader in the sector, offers a wide range of bags, pouches and containers for vacuum for every professional and domestic need.

With the space-saving bags of the line BesserBag, together with an external suction or chamber vacuum machine, you can preserve the foodstuffs under vacuum with few and easy steps.

The machines and bags produced and distributed by Besser Vacuum are the best partner for the professional catering activities and also for the daily domestic needs.

The range BesserBag offers smooth and embossed bags that can be directly used for cooking, without adding fats and oils, for a cooking at low temperature that makes the dishes soft, tasty and it maintains the nutritional properties of the foodstuffs.

Discover how to preserve and cook your dishes under vacuum: for information contact Besser Vacuum or visit our new website.

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