Vacuum cooking: modern recipes

Low temperature for genuine dishes

Time changes and even the cooking methods change.

With Besser Vacuum arrives an innovative system to preserve and cook under vacuum your foodstuffs.
The company in Dignano (Udine), produces and distributes vacuum machines, bags and containers for the professional and domestic vacuum.

After having put the foodstuffs in the practical embossed bags, you can use them directly for cooking, a method already successfully used by the most important and innovative chefs.
With the vacuum cooking you can cook foodstuffs in the bags at a low temperature, adding your favourite flavours and without making them heavier with fats and oils.

In this way your favourite dishes will maintain all their nutritional qualities, they will lose less weight compared to the traditional cooking, and you will have perfect, healthy and genuine recipes for your family or for your customers in the case of professional activities.

Besser Vacuum offers a wide range of vacuum machines, bags and containers, able to satisfy the exigencies of a family and the ones of a restaurant, a refectory, a catering activity or a take away.

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