Vacuum bags: the secrets of the professional catering activity

Vacuum cooking: at home as in the restaurant

Thanks to a long experience in the sector, Besser Vacuum offers a complete range of vacuum bags allowing to preserve the foodstuffs in a professional way.

BesserBag are embossed and smooth bags, available in different sizes and thicknesses to preserve the foodstuffs hygienically and to cook with the innovative method of the vacuum cooking.

The embossed bags can be used directly for cooking, without adding fats and oils, with the advantage of maintaining the nutritional qualities of the foodstuffs and of saving time in the kitchen.
Moreover, the vacuum bags Besser Vacuum enable to cook the favourite dishes with a remarkable reduction of the loss of the foodstuffs weight of almost 30%.

Chose your recipe, put the dishes in the bag, vacuum and then cook directly in the bag: you will discover how the foodstuffs remain soft and tasty, for an healthy and balanced diet.

Besser Vacuum is the brand made in Italy for the professional and domestic vacuum: vacuum packaging machines, tray sealing machine, cutlery polisher machines and many other aids for the catering activity.

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