Save time and effort with the cutlery polisher machines

Easy, fast and reliable!

The ideal solution to save time, money and effort.

The cutlery polisher machines Besser Vacuum are professional machines enabling to solve in an easy, fast and automatic way, one of the most common operations for big and small catering activities.

The cutlery polishers of the Speedy series, thanks to the corn cob powder, completely vegetable, allow to dry and polish the cutlery come out from the dishwasher in an automatic way, while a UV lamp sterilizes them assuring the best hygiene.

Besser Vacuum, Italian company leader in the sector, offers three cutlery polishers: Speedy Plus, perfect for the small catering activities, that dries around 50 cutlery per minute; Speedy Super, ideal for restaurants, hotels and communities, that dries more than 100 cutlery per minute; Speedy Ultra able to dry until 200 cutlery per minute, ideal for big refectories, catering and restaurants.

Besser Vacuum is the ideal partner for professional people, but also for the domestic use: discover all our products or contact us for every kind of information!

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