Cutlery dryer machines: a partner in the kitchen

Besser Vacuum, the ideal partner in the Kitchen for both professional people and individuals

When you think about an help for your catering activity, think about a professional Besser Vacuum cutlery dryer machine.

With few and easy steps the machines of the Speedy series perfectly dry and polish the wet cutlery just come out from the dishwasher.
An important saving of time, money and effort that enables to speed up one of the most common activities for restaurants, catering, refectories and communities.

Besser Vacuum, the leader brand in the production and sale of vacuum machines, heat sealing machines and other helps for the catering activities, offers three models of cutlery dryers; Speedy Plus that dries and polishes around 50 cutlery per minute; Speedy Super that allows you to dry more than 100 cutlery per minute and the powerful Speedy Ultra for big refectories, catering activities and restaurants, able to dry until 200 cutlery per minute.

Thanks to the characteristics of the corn cob powder, a completely vegetable product, our machines dry and polish perfectly your cutlery, while an UV lamp sterilizes them assuring their hygiene.

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